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Welcome to the International Trauma Center

The Heart of Trauma Informed Care®

This year marks our 21st Anniversary! The International Trauma Center is devoted to supporting initiatives of nonviolence, social justice and trauma recovery. We do this by building the heart of trauma informed care into social networks most impacted by trauma and exposure to violence. We are dedicated to excellence in the design and development of psychosocial and clinical trauma focused interventions. We are dedicated to unwavering advocacy for the heart of trauma informed care: no restraint, no seclusion, no isolation, no coercion-ever.

The International Trauma Center has been doing this work, heart to heart, for 21 years.

Thanks to our partners and clients we have evolved into a world leader disseminating and implementing trauma informed care innovations in 18 states and 16 countries globally. During the last 21 years we have worked face to face with over 610,000 trauma survivors and interfaced with their community based partners.

In honor of all those who have given us the privilege of working with them and in celebration of the courage shown through trauma recovery, we enter our 21st year welcoming visitors, partners and clients to continue a journey with us into the newest and deepest levels of the heart of trauma informed care innovations.

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