What we do

In 1995-when we first started our community based trauma response work, ITC developed a ‘Golden Rule” which we still practice carefully 20 years later!

“Those community members most impacted by the violence and trauma must be afforded the opportunity to play a central role in the resolution and recovery from that violence and trauma.”

The International Trauma Center provides four types of services that are usually highly customized to the client and their community(s).

Site Based Acute, Intermediate and Long Term Trauma Focused Interventions

Design, development, implementation, & credentialing of Community Based Trauma Response Networks

Basic and Advanced Trainings in Evidence Based Trauma Focused Protocols – Socioemotional & Psychosocial

Trauma Informed Care Assessment, Consultation, Intervention Development And Research

We work closely with established organizations supporting the development and launching of Trauma Response Networks to provide the program and service delivery architecture, basic and advanced training and supervision, and dissemination of trauma informed evidence based practices including Trauma-Informed Care/ Disaster Resiliency seminars and orientations, PFA-PTSM, CBI®, SPR, and Sanctuary Modules.