United States

For United States Attorney Generals Office

Provide subject matter expertise and consultation for the US Attorney General’s Federal Advisory Commission on Children Exposed to Violence


Establish Mid-West Trauma Services Network in Iowa-Nebraska-South Dakota to provide trauma informed care product and delivery development, training, dissemination and resource center development for multiple agency organizations including Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice and the Juvenile Bench, State Departments of Human Services, statewide youth serving clinical organizations, residential service providers and public school systems

For National Center for Child Traumatic Stress Network & National Center for PTSD

  • Primary developer and content provider for Psychological First Aid (PFA), Psychological First Aid for Schools (PFA-S), and Skills for Psychological Recovery (SPR) for all hazards mitigation psychosocial and psychological acute stabilization during and after acute violence exposures and terrorists attacks under mandate from SAMHSA and DHS
  • Provide subject matter expertise and consultation to the NCTSN Disaster and Terrorism Branch as a founding member, developer and co-chair.

For U.S. Department of Education; Washington-DC

  • Consult to Department of Education-Office of Primary and Secondary Education on the design, construction and implementation of district-based templates providing school preparedness and crisis response and recovery protocols for the United States Public School system.
  • Consult to the Deputy Undersecretary-Elementary Schools & Director of the Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program and the Center for Disease Control Liaison on best Practice Programs for Preparedness, Crisis Response Planning and Recovery Post Traumatic Incidents in schools and their communities.
  • Grant development, lead trainer and technical consultant for U.S. public and private school consortiums awarded $20,000,000 from the U.S. Department of Education Safe and Drug-Free Schools PL 107-110 grant for Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans for School Safety Initiative.

For United States Agency for International Development & Save The Children Federation; Palestine-Israel, New York & Washington

  • Design, develop, implement and manage systematic assessment, training and psychosocial intervention programs for NGO, Ministry and local mental health staff in Jordan, Palestine, and Nepal, to deliver classroom-based interventions (CBI®) and community based traumatic incident stress reduction programs, stress inoculation and preparedness planning for youth impacted by armed conflict, identity conflict, community and domestic violence and traumatic incidents. ITC, and its affiliate Center for Trauma Psychology, have developed these specialized youth-based psychosocial interventions, customizing intervention content and developmental approach to local cultures and utilizing local expert medical and psychosocial caregiver networks, delivering direct services to over 400,000 impacted youth between 2002-2008.

For U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, New York City and Boston Massachusetts

  • Scene commander for mental health providers at Logan Airport/Massport for surviving family members of passengers, flight crews and ground crews of American Airlines Flight #11 and United Airlines Flight # 175 post the 9/11/01 World Trade Center Attacks;
  • International American Red Cross (Mass Bay Chapter) trauma psychology team liaison for ongoing assessment and support to the parents and children of surviving family members of passengers aboard American Airlines Flight #11and United Airlines Flight # 175 post the 9/11 attacks: 2001-2005;
  • Primary sole source provider of psychological services for a United States Government Agency, providing  specialized traumatic stress orientations, post traumatic stress management groups, traumatic stress assessments and referrals for 880 eyewitness and Ground-Zero workers of the 9/11/01 World Trade Center Attacks: 2001-2003;
  • Primary child and youth trauma psychosocial/psychological trauma team for the Massachusetts 911/Fund and the Massachusetts Chapter of the International Red Cross providing design, development and implementation of psychosocial stabilization, recovery and reintegration initiatives for youth and parent survivors who lost family members on Flights #11 and #175: 2001-2005