Who we are

Perhaps the best way to describe who we are is to tell a little bit about the 610,000 trauma survivors we have had the honor of working with over the past 20 years.

3,800 Resilient Survivors

18 months to 4 year old children
Rainbowdance & early child trauma interventions

586,575 Resilient Survivors

5 year to 18 year old youth
Classroom-Community-Culture Based Interventions

53,950 Resilient Survivors

12 year to 65 year old survivors
Post Traumatic Stress Management, Psychological First Aid,
Skills for Psychological Recovery, Somatosensory Neurosequencing

1,132 Resilient Communities

Governments, Corporations, NGO’s, Hospitals, Schools, Clergy, Communities
Installation of Advanced Trauma Informed Care Continuums: Levels 1-6

The International Trauma Center is dedicated to the heart of trauma informed care: there isnever any circumstance during the journey through resiliency into recovery that will ever require the use of restraint, seclusion, coercion or isolation. Over the last 25 years the International Trauma Center has developed a continuum of trauma informed care levels to meet the needs of trauma survivors at each level of resiliency response and recovery.

The International Trauma Center seeks out the voice of the survivor, individually and in community, understanding that traumatic experience is first and foremost subjective. Supporting the survivor’s voice and allowing that voice to express narratives of resilience even in the face terror, vulnerability and ultimately betrayal, becomes the heart of trauma informed care.