February 10, 2020: Trauma Responsive Mind Body Based Practices

Sonoma & Napa California

ITC, in partnership with The Hanna Institute, will be conducting a full day immersion seminar for health care practitioners

This 7-hour professional development seminar explores the relationship between mind-body medicine and its impact on reducing traumatic stress in both clients and providers. The exploration includes the practice of mindfulness in medical, social and psychological practice fields stemming from the science of mind-body medicine and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Participants will work in pairs and groups to practice trauma responsive step-by-step mindfulness and body-based practices that will allow them to increase their awareness of how to alter autonomic reactions in the present moment.

Participants will learn about:

  • The history of mind body medicine and definitions of mindfulness.
  • How to ‘locate’ the mind.
  • Mindfulness and complete breathing protocols
  • Sensorimotor Regulation and traumatic stress responses
  • Neural Energy Pathways and arousal regulation
  • The Poly-vagal system and the “brain gut”
  • Heart rate variability and non-verbal communication
  • Survival Mindfulness and adaptation
  • Co-regulation, attunement and attachment
  • Drumming as a mind body healing ritual

February 21, 2020: Community Based Psychological First Aid – Boston, MA

Community Based Psychological First Aid

ITC, in partnership with Mr. Wilbur Brown and Transition Remedy Solutions (https://wbrown617.wixsite.com/trs1617) will be conducting a full day professional development seminar for Boston neighborhood trauma responders working with local residents exposed to ongoing violence and trauma such as homicides, suicides, domestic and school violence and transitions from prison back into the community.  This ongoing series of seminars is part of a Boston violence prevention initiative supported by the Metro Boston Department of Mental Health.